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I'm a Little Scientist - Set 2 (Ages 6-12)

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Everyone can be a little scientist! Discover, experiment and learn with the little scientists! Each little scientist has something new to teach young readers. Every book in the series is centred around a science phenomenon, ranging from the water cycle to light refraction to static electricity. Through engaging narratives and whimsical illustrations, "I'm a Little Scientist" introduces young children to the exciting and ever-changing world of science.

Every book in the Future Of ... collection contains a fun story, a field trip, and a focus on a famous person.

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Carlo and the Future of Communications

In this book, Carlo experiences the breakdown of ICT around him. Through a school trip, he gets excited about the future of ICT, and writes a report on famous technopreneur, Steve Jobs. Come learn all about ICT with him, and be inspired!

Brandon and the Future of Biotechnology

In this book, Brandon's love for his pet dog leads to an interest in biotechnology. He visits a biotechnology lab and reads up on Rosalind Franklin, a female scientist who made a key contribution to our understanding of DNA. Come learn all about biotechnology with him, and be inspired!

Russ and the Future of Robots

In this book, Russ makes a new friend, Genie the Robot! Through an eye-opening visit to a robotics lab, Russ learns all about robots. He also finds out more about Isaac Asimov, the famous science fiction writer! Come learn all about robots with him, and be inspired!

Ethan and the Future of Energy

 In this book, Ethan discovers solar energy. He visits Uncle Roy at a wind farm and learns all about renewable energy sources, and writes a school report on nuclear scientist, Enrico Fermi. Come learn all about energy with him, and be inspired!

 4 sets of paperback books