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Just like Magic

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A story about the heart behind a tidy home.
A Maths Adventure series by Singaporeans - featuring Classifying and Sorting 

Blossom lives in a magical house that cleans up after itself every single night. But one day, the magic disappeared! Will Blossom and her friends be able to sort out a messy house all on their own? Join the little critters as they discover the real magic of taking care of a home! Maths Topic: Sorting & Classification Social-Emotional Topic: Learning to help at home

What you'll love about this series:
Perfect for ages 3-7 years old children who are in pre-primary preparation, in line with school curriculum. Gentle and joyful learning process for both parent and child. Sparks meaningful conversations about key social-emotional topic(s) at home.

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Curious Little Critters Maths Adventures is a collection of storybooks and activity books that bring Maths and Good Values to real life for your children! Our imaginative storytelling approach will gently introduce numeracy and valuable life lessons through relatable scenarios, showing its relevance and sparking conversations and curiousity in young readers.