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Knight Night

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Come on a bedtime adventure with one little knight as he rides through forests to reach his bedroom, battles crocodiles to brush his teeth and climbs the tallest tower to get into bed. This exciting and imaginative bedtime tale is told through Owen Davey’s charming and witty words and illustrations — making this a perfect k-nightly read for every young adventurer.

Every spread of this visually stunning British import is suitable for framing. Hip, stylized, beautifully composed cut-paper collages evoke the rich ornamentation of any self-respecting medieval fantasy, all saturated in a warm palette of deep gold, burgundy, rusts and oranges on what looks like handmade paper…A visual feast for very youngest fans of knights and castles.
—Kirkus Reviews

Owen Davey’s NIGHT KNIGHT transforms every element of a typical, boring bedtime routine into something fantastical…The artwork, self-described as “contemporary and nostalgic,” calms in warm, muted brick tones, even as the imagined action busies itself with mythical creatures and noble exertions. Preschool and kindergarten children and parents will dub this daydream royally engaging.