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Let's Discover our Seashores, Singapore!

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Hello, little readers! Did you know that seashores are full of life and wonder? We can encounter fascinating discoveries unexpectedly, if we keep our eyes open as we walk along the beach.

In this full-colour book, through an exciting combination of photography and illustration, Professor Emeritus Chou Loke Ming and co-author, preschool educator Diana Chou, will share marvellous facts about the amazing wonders of creation at the seashores. They will tell you why it is important to protect these precious organisms.

So, are you ready to start? Let's Discover Our Seashores, Singapore!


  • Introduction
  • What to Do When You Meet Wildlife at the Beach
  • 25 Marine Creatures that Call Singapore's Shores Their Home


Chou Loke Ming is an Emeritus Professor of the National University of Singapore, and a Research Affiliate at the Tropical Marine Science Institute. He is widely known for his study of coral reefs in Southeast Asia (including Singapore) and Okinawa, Japan, and is constantly searching for ways to protect and conserve them. Prof Chou has consulted for many national and international organisations and agencies, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Bank, and WorldFish Center. He enjoys visiting the beaches and sharing his knowledge of marine life with anyone who is interested.

Diana Chou is an early childhood educator and first-time children''s author with a love for the natural world around her. Prior to teaching, Diana worked for multi-national corporations like General Electric, Microsoft and Motorola for 15 years. She holds two Bachelor''s degrees, one in the Arts, and one in the Social Sciences (with honours), a certificate of professional practice (Music & Movement) and a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. Diana enjoys spending time with her children and teaching them how to appreciate nature as well as the little things in life.