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Mommy’s Little Helper

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Please note that this book will arrive in about 2 weeks in a separate parcel and your shipping details will be shared with our supplier partner in order to fulfil your order. Drop us a WA +65 9725 6862 anytime if you need more info!

Our Mommy’s Little Helper book is a delightfully colourful fabric book with 10 pages of activities which give children a better understanding of household chores and encourages them to take initiative to participate. Their enthusiasm will surprise you!

It is designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity and encourage creativity. It is a charming soft play book which changes the way children learn, play and progress.

Features include preparing breakfast, helping with the laundry, baking cookies, setting up the dinner table, finger puppets and more!

All the pieces are detachable and are affixed by velcro making it interesting and engaging for young minds. A fantastic addition to any household.

Detachable pieces are affixed by velcro on every page — little minds and little hands will be kept engaged for hours of play. 
Perfect for staycations or take it just about anywhere to keep your little one mindfully occupied and away from screens! 
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Surface wash only. Colours or contents may vary as per the batches produced. Product dimensions: 24cm (l) x 28cm (h).

Recommended for ages 2 and above. 
P.S. Adult Supervision is advised at all times. Never leave your child unattended with books that have removable parts. We recommend you sit with them, read aloud to them, guide and teach them.

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