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The Moonlight Zoo

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A "what's under the bed?" story! But instead of scary monsters, you'll find that it's a safe and friendly place full of imagination!

An enchanting story, told with such heart and imagination, it will instantly become your favourite bedtime book!
Fall in love with the mesmerising illustrations and beautiful die cut details throughout the book too!
The Moonlight Zoo is a beautiful story of a little girl, Eva, who has lost her pet cat, Luna. She has searched everywhere for it but it turns out that Luna is in a safe, magical place, where all lost animals go - in The Moonlight Zoo. With the help of a kind wolf, Eva goes on a nocturnal search for her missing Luna, right under her bed! 

There are lions, elephants and penguins, parrots, dogs and even guinea pigs.
Will Eva find Luna before the zoo fades at dawn?
A gorgeous and mesmerising peep-through adventure book that is guaranteed to keep young readers fascinated and glued to the last page!


A wonderful book for a child learning to read out loud independently.