My Coronavirus Story

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How do we explain to our kids that the playgrounds are closed and that they can only meet their teachers and friends on Zoom? Hear the story of how COVID-19 unfolded in Singapore from the eyes of a young child, as told by Professor Leo Yee-Sin, who leads a team of brave frontline workers battling the coronavirus.

This book features a collection of artworks illustrated by children between five and 21 years old. The artworks were submitted to the "Celebrating Our Healthcare Heroes" national youth art competition held in Singapore in 2021.

Preface by Professor Leo Yee-Sin

"When I wrote this book on the COVID-19 pandemic, I tried to see it from the perspective of a young child. The children must have felt very sad because they could not attend lessons in school, play with their friends or visit their grandparents.

While focusing on the thoughts and feelings of children, this book also pays tribute to our frontline workers: our doctors, nurses, lab technicians, contact tracers, cleaners, ambulance drivers and many others who courageously battled COVID-19.

COVID-19 is here to stay and I would like to encourage everyone to get themselves vaccinated against COVID-19. In doing so, you are protecting yourself, your friends, your family and loved ones from the virus, and keeping Singapore safe. Together we can fight COVID-19 and emerge stronger."