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My First Book of Hainanese Words

4 Reviews

Written, illustrated and printed in Singapore!

Although many may have savoured Hainanese chicken rice, one of our national dishes, some are still strangers to the dialect. While the recipe for Hainanese chicken rice has not been included, this book features the names of everyday objects in Hainanese. It provides the perfect introduction for the uninitiated and the idea book for those who would like their little ones to be acquainted with this dialect. 

Did you know?

According to the 2010 Singapore Census, the Hainanese community is the fifth-largest Chinese dialect group, and constitutes less than 7 percent of the Chinese population in Singapore.

Did you also know? 

The Hainanese brew the best coffee in the kopitiams of Southeast Asia. The famous Ya Kun Kaya Toast, founded by a Hainanese named Loi Ah Koon in 1944.

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Hardcover book with sturdy pages