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Hooray for You: A Celebration of "You-ness"

The perfect graduation gift, Hooray for You! is a celebration of You-Ness, the grand sum of mind, body and heart that makes every person truly unique.

Look in the mirror.
Love who you see.
Stand tall.
Smile big.
Shout, "Hooray for me!"

照着镜子, 欣赏自己, 挺胸抬头、开心微笑、放声大喊: “我真棒!” 这是一场关于“你是唯一”的庆典——你的外貌、思想、心灵,让自己如此真实、与众不同!书中欢乐的诗句、绚丽的色彩以及庆典般的神奇方式,让每一个孩子懂得欣赏自身独特的美。它能帮助自我怀疑的孩子找到自信的答案:这个世界因为有了独一无二的你才变得更美丽,全世界都为你喝彩!