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The Big Book of Giant Dinosaurs & The Small Book of Giant Dinosaurs

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What happens when you combine the largest dinosaurs and the smallest? You'll get a unique and intriguing pair of books!

The largest and the smallest creatures of Jurassic Period meet in these two books so closely linked as to become a single volume! Get two books in one—a big volume for large Dinosaurs and a teeny-tiny one for the smallest!
This mini book containing the smallest dinosaurs, which resembles its characters also in the format, fits perfectly into the enormous cover of the book of the largest dinosaurs.

Throughout the book, all dinosaurs are interestingly illustrated compared to the actual size of a chicken! 

Check out The Big Book of Giant Animals & The Small Book of Tiny Animals.

This book is not suitable for gift box, only suitable for gift wrap. 

Padded large hardcover book measuring 40cm x 30cm.

Limited copies in store. No restock.