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The Hundred Decker Rocket

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A fun-packed space adventure – with lots of funny details for little readers to spot, and a BIG fold-out rocket ending!

Buckle up and blast into space with Ivy the inventor, and her trusty canine sidekick, Eddie...

But when Ivy meets some very messy aliens, can she help them clean up their planet?
And, of course, help them fix their super-duper hundred decker rocket?!

A brilliantly inventive story with a subtle message about keeping our planet clean. From the creator of The Hundred Decker Bus.

Plenty of details to pore over with your child, the book also features multiracial characters and people of different shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. 

The super huge fold-out ending will wow little ones as they spend time poring over each detail in the colourful illustrations.