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USBORNE Lift the Flap First Questions and Answers - Where does poo go?

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Crazy but true, life on Earth can't exist without poo!  Prepare to be amazed by the surprisingly fascinating world of poo!  

This charming lift-the-flap book takes you on an incredible journey, starting with human sewage and then, moving on to the diverse and intriguing realm of animal poo. With over 40 exciting flaps, discover what happens when we flush, explore the unique 'toilets' of the animal kingdom, and learn why animals don't need to flush. Uncover the myriad ways poo is crucial to life on Earth, from enriching soil to marking territory, and even sustaining ecosystems. With each flap you lift, delve into the surprisingly important (and sometimes yucky) reasons why poo is indispensable in our world. Perfect for curious minds, this book combines fun, education, and a touch of the unexpected in every page turn!

Recommended for ages 4+, informative for parents too

Number of pages: 14 pages

Language: English 

Dimensions: 225mm by 195mm; board book