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Where's my Pizza? - Card Game!For Ages 8+ and up! (2 to 6 players)

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Part of our Singapore Games Initiative!

Featuring card games produced by a Singaporean ex-teacher and mummy of two, who strongly believes in using card games as an educational resource!

Featuring delicious pizza and charming animal friends, "Where's My Pizza?" is a bright and cheery Math game for anyone who wants to make fractions more fun. Serve your customers and learn Math along the way! This game comes with helpful pizza diagrams for each fraction (we've got halves, thirds, quarters and sixths) and lots of special action cards for plenty of math fun!

Complete all your customers' orders before your food gets stolen or before someone poaches away your customer, and you'll be the winner!

Don't miss Let's Go! Singapore Edition, a locally produced board game for ages 4 & up!

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