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孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会读三字经

2 Reviews

Guide and teach these good values to your child! 

This beautifully illustrated

🎶 audio book presents the ancient Three Character Classics (Trimetric Classic is an embodiment of Confucianism suitable for teaching young children, moral virtues and values including filial piety and respect for elders) in an all-new fun, interactive and engaging way.

It's so important to start young to inculcate the right values in a child.

A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout ~ don't forget your gift message!)

Book comes with a screenless remote controller (that resembles a mobile phone) with 23 audio buttons, an on/off switch and a volume button. 

Simply press a button to listen to each verse and learn to read or sing along. 🎶
Great for helping children fall in love with Chinese culture and the Chinese Language.


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有声书/(Audio) Interactive Book

This book uses 3 x AAA batteries.