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孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会念童谣

5 Reviews

This beautifully illustrated audio book presents popular Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Book comes with a remote controller with 23 audio buttons, an on/off switch and a volume button.

Simply press a button to listen (20 of them!) and learn to read or sing along. Great for helping children fall in love with the Chinese Language.

Scroll through our pictures to get the full song title list. 

You won't want to miss this awesome book that reads stories with the help of a magic wand! 会说话的魔法故事书!

Don't miss newly restocked, 宝宝学说话发声书 (filled with Q & A games plus themes like manners, good habits, a day in the life of a toddler) and 自己的事情自己做 (a book that helps little ones learn good daily habits and skill sets, such as doing your own bed, wearing your clothes, learning to swim and more)!

A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout ~ don't forget your gift message!)

有声书/(Audio) Interactive Book (book uses 3 x AAA batteries)