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World of Science - Set 2 (5 books)

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Fun and easy to read full colour science comics. All topics covered are in line with the Singapore primary Science syllabus and the Cambridge primary Science curriculum. Recommended for ages 6+ to 12.

These books offer beyond-the-syllabus insights designed to stretch inquiring young minds.

The World of Science series engages, educates and entertains children, imparting scientific facts, while nurturing the love of Science through dynamic, full-colour comics enriched by Augmented Reality.

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In this set of five books, the titles are:

Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians. How can you tell if a snake is venomous? How does the chameleon change it colours? Lumbar with the world's largest lizard, the komodo dragon. Admire (but don't touch) the brightly coloured poison dart frog. From leafy forests to middy wetlands, and from sandy deserts to fast-flowing rivers, experience the remarkable world of reptiles and amphibians as never before! 

Adventures with Natural Wonders. Where are the most impressive waterfalls on Earth? What makes oceans glow in the dark? Climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Glide over Cappadocia in a hot-air balloon. From animal oddities to weird weather effects, and from tiny grains of sand to towering geographical landforms, experience the breathtaking natural world as never before!

Adventures with Land Animals. Why should you appreciate the earthworm? What's the ring-tailed lemur trying to say? Roam Christmas Island with the red crab? Swing in the treetops with the white-handed gibbon. From icy mountains to arid deserts, and from dense forests to open grasslands, experience the spectacular world of land animals as never before!

Adventures with Great Minds. From early ocean navigators to the first man to walk on the moon, experience the genius and grit of the world's great minds as never before!

Adventures with How Things Work. How does a polygraph show that you are telling a lie? Is blasting off to space really rocket science? Be transported by teh cleverness of an escalator. Experience some cool science at work in your very own home. From everyday hacks to the technology that catches criminals, understand how things work as never before.

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