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World of Science - Set 3 (Bundle of 5+1)

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Includes Bonus Special Edition book - Guss' Gutsy Adventures!

The World of Science series engages, educates and entertains children, imparting scientific facts, while nurturing the love of Science through dynamic, full-colour comics enriched by Augmented Reality.

All topics covered are in line with the Singapore primary Science syllabus and the Cambridge primary Science curriculum, and also offer beyond-the-syllabus insights designed to stretch inquiring young minds.

This set includes a bonus Special Edition book Guss' Gutsy Adventures: An Augmented Reality Tale of a Young Bacteria Navigating the Human Digestive System, authored by A* STAR Scientist Dr Germaine Yong, an expert in the digestive system. The topics covered in this book are taught in the Singapore Science primary school syllabus.

In this set of six books, the titles are:

  • Adventures with Germs and Your Health
  • Adventures in the Green Movement
  • Adventures with More Land Animals
  • Adventures with Materials
  • Adventures with Technology and Gadgets
  • Guss' Gutsy Adventures: An Augmented Reality Tale of a Young Bacteria Navigating the Human Digestive System

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Adventures with Germs and Your Health is an immersive encounter with the microorganisms that live around, on and inside us, and their impact on our lives. How do germs travel? What's the difference between a cold and the flu? Why should you watch what you eat? Grow your good bacteria, survive a pandemic, and avoid the perils of food poisoning! Bust some common myths about disease, and arm yourself to fight cancer! From the defences of your immune system to the healing effects of medication, experience the mind-blowing inner workings of your body as never before!

Adventures in the Green Movement is an immersive encounter with some of the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century, and the wide variety of solutions aimed at addressing those problems. Why should we be concerned about deforestation, haze and plastic waste? How can we manage resources like water and electricity responsibly? Plant a tree, make recycled paper, and say "no" to single-use disposable items! Ride a bike around one of the planet's green cities! From reversing environmental damage to promoting eco-friendly sources of energy, experience the inspiring impact of the green movement as never before!

Adventures with More Land Animals is an immersive encounter with more than 20 residents of diverse habitats above and below ground. What's the difference between antlers and horns? Why does the sloth move so slowly? Can you spot the black panther's ... spots? March in an army of ants. Take a road trip to marvel at the moose. Wrestle with the coconut crab. And meet the unforgettable proboscis monkey! From the Arctic wilderness to the Andean Mountains, and from faraway grasslands to gardens next door, experience more land animals up closer than ever before!

Adventures with Materials is an immersive encounter with more than 15 fibres, minerals, resins and metals that have a wide range of everyday and specialist applications. What's the difference between natural and synthetic materials? How does amber capture a slice of prehistoric life? Why is cotton one of the world's most important crops? Spin some fine fabric with the mulberry silkworm. Become an illusionist's apprentice. And witness the mesmerising properties of gallium. From design and the fine arts to building and construction, and from the science lab to your home, appreciate the astonishing uses of materials as never before!

Adventures with Technology and Gadgets is an immersive encounter with more than 15 groundbreaking advances that have changed the way that we live, work and play. When were the first computers invented? How did fibre optic technology transform communications? What if you could protect your belongings with a real-life "force field"? Scribble in a digital notebook. Pit your wits against robot friends. And walk around in GPS shoes! From the machines that clean our living spaces to the engines that move us from place to place, and from pocket-sized devices to vast hubs of information, grasp the astounding workings of tech and gadgets as never before!


Bonus - Guss' Gutsy Adventures:

In this Special Edition comic book in the bestselling World of Science series, A* STAR scientist Germaine Yong imagines the human digestive system as an exciting journey for a young bacteria named Guss. Learn about the ins and outs of our digestive system and how to stay healthy, while having fun with Guss. And, augmented reality features will bring Science learning to life and engage readers of all ages!


Recommended for ages 6+ and above. 

Details to download the SnapLearn App are found in all of the books!

Paperback Augmented Reality (bundle of 5 +1 books)