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World of Science - Set 4 (Bundle of 5)

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The World of Science engages, educates and entertains children, imparting scientific facts, while nurturing the love of Science through dynamic, full-colour comics. All topics covered are in line with the Singapore primary Science syllabus and the Cambridge primary Science curriculum, and also offer beyond-the-syllabus insights designed to stretch inquiring young minds.

In this set of five books, the titles are:

  • Adventures with Endangered Animals

Adventures with Endangered Animals is an immersive encounter with more than 15 unique creatures in danger of being lost to our world forever. Why do red-crowned cranes dance? How is the Brazilian three-banded armadillo able to turn into a ball? Why are the northern fur seals decreasing in number? Swim with the world's largest fish, the whale shark. Admire the rare and beautiful baiji. And play with the Borneo elephants in the Kinabatangan River. From the freezing ocean waters to bamboo forests, and from tropical forests to nature reserves, experience these elusive endangered creatures as never before!

  • Adventures with More Materials

Adventures with More Materials is an immersive encounter with natural and synthetic materials, and their fascinating properties. How can pineapples be turned into clothes? Is beeswax only meant for bees? What makes platinum so useful and precious? Discover the versatility of bamboo charcoal. Step into the colourful world of thermochromism. And witness the creativity behind the making of Shrilk! From forests of ebony trees to bee hives, and from restaurant kitchens to your own homes, experience the usefulness of materials as never before!

  • Adventures with More Natural Wonders

Adventures with More Natural Wonders is an immersive encounter with even more breathtaking natural wonders of our world. Where can you find singing sand? What makes the telegraph plant dance? Do Mexican jumping beans really jump? Scale a rocky slope to Pulpit Rock. Be awed by the crystals of Naica Mine. And drift about with millions of jellyfish. From the pink sandy beaches to bubbling mud pools, and from steep cliffs to the depths of the ocean, experience awe-inspiring natural wonders as never before!

  • Adventures with Useful Plants and Fungi

Adventures with Useful Plants and Fungi is an immersive encounter with many more species of plants and fungi and their usefulness in our lives. Why do mangrove trees have such unique roots? What plants can we use to repel mosquitoes? How do we get leather from mushrooms? Stroll through the colourful fields of lupin flowers. Search the forest for reishi mushrooms. Observe the tiny watermeal plants. From the flowering to the non-flowering plants, from the forests to open fields, experience with spectacular world of plants and fungi as never before!

  • Adventures with Discoveries and Inventions

Adventures with Discoveries and Inventions is an immersive encounter with important discoveries and inventions that have made a great impact on our lives. Who came up with a way to help the blind read? How did the Wright brothers make their dreams take flight? What are Beyond Eggs? Learn how arches can stabilise buildings. Observe the microworld through van Leeuwenhoek's microscope. And be inspired by Cai Lun's perseverance. From horse carriages to driverless cars, and from x-rays to aquaponics systems, experience the creativity behind some of the world's great discoveries and inventions as never before!


  • Adventures with Endangered Animals:
    • Strange But True:
      • The Animal in Striped Pajamas
      • The Strangest Primate
    • What a Nose!:
      • Splashing in the Wild
      • An Anteater's Antics
    • Beachgoers:
      • Hide and Seek
      • The "Egg-nappers"
    • Water Lovers:
      • The Chinese River Dolphin
      • A Whale-ly Big Fish
    • Family Matters:
      • Mandrill Teamwork
      • A Song and a Dance
    • Not So Social:
      • A Tough Ball to Crack
      • The Rare Bear
    • Short Sketches:
      • Atlantic Puffin
      • Sawfish
      • Siamang
      • The Red Wolf
      • The Tasmanian Devil
      • The Quokka
      • Black Spider Monkey
      • Manta Ray
    • Quiz Challenge:
      • So, How Much Do You Really Know About Endangered Animals?
  • Adventures with More Materials:
    • Natural Materials:
      • The Dark Wood of Ebony
      • Bee-utiful Hair
      • A Pizza Party!
    • Eco-Friendly Materials:
      • Plant Leather?
      • Shrimp and Silk Make...?
    • Smart Synthetics:
      • Plastically Speaking
      • Now You See It
    • Magnificent Metals:
      • Going Platinum
      • Chalk for a Gymnast
    • One Material, Multiple Uses:
      • Feeling Bamboozled?
      • Hardy Glass
      • Saved by Nylon
    • Rocking It:
      • The "Ice Cube" That Never Melts
      • The Stolen Rock
    • Quiz Challenge:
      • So, How Much Do You Really Know About Materials?
  • Adventures with More Natural Wonders:
    • Wowed By Water:
      • Jumping Jellyfish!
      • The Mud Bath of Hell's Gate
      • Senegal's Pink Lake
    • Sandy Secrets:
      • The Singing Sand
      • The Pink of Health
    • Stories in Stone:
      • Punakaiki's Pancake Rocks
      • The Crystal Caves of Mexico
      • Climbing to the Top of the World
    • Believe It Or Not!:
      • The Amazing Dancing Plant
      • Can a Bean Jump?
    • Meteorological Mysteries:
      • An Icy Incident
      • Seeing Double?
    • Lowest Points:
      • Secrets of the Deep
      • Death Valley
    • Quiz Challenge:
      • So, How Much Do You Really Know About Natural Wonders?
  • Adventures with Useful Plants and Fungi:
    • More About Plants:
      • Turning Over A New Leaf
      • A Birthday Bouque
    • Aquatic Plants:
      • Pin-Sized Plants
      • Radical Roots
    • Vivid and Versatile:
      • The "Berry" Inedible Tree
      • Fields of Colour
      • Royally Radiant
      • Cosmetics from Nature
    • Scent-Sational:
      • Buzz Off, Mozzies!
      • Lavender's Purple (Dilly Dilly)
      • The Helpful Herb
    • Mad About Mushrooms:
      • Mega Mushroom
      • Fashionable in Fungi
    • Quiz Challenge:
      • So, How Much Do You Really Know About Useful Plants and Fungi?
  • Adventures with Discoveries and Inventions:
    • Grand Discoveries:
      • Up Close and Personal
      • An Electrifying Experience
      • X-Ray Vision
    • Building and Industry:
      • Building Big
      • Portable Power
      • Bang! Kaboom!
    • Media and Communication:
      • Paper for the People
      • Capture the Moment
      • Giving "Sight" to the Blind
      • Ring, Ring... Hello?
      • Movie Magic
    • Going Places:
      • Going Round the Benz
      • Flying Without Wings
    • Creative Solutions:
      • A Good Night's Sleep
      • Farming on the Balcony
    • Towards a More Sustainbable Future:
      • Eggs-ceptional Eggs
      • Waste Paper to Toilet Paper
      • Who's in the Driver's Seat?
    • Quiz Challenge:
      • So, How Much Do You Really Know About Discoveries and Inventions?

Recommended for ages 6+ and above. 

Paperback (bundle of 5 books)