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🇸🇬 Zander's Adventures Gift Bundle (Free Gift Wrap!)

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For a limited time, we're offering free gift wrap when you purchase this gift bundle of 3 books!

Fire up your imagination with Cicada, Ladybug and Zander as they embark on missions to make a positive impact on the world around them. And see that you are never too different, too young or too small to make a difference! 

In this Gift Bundle: 

Wonderfully Made
Have you ever felt bad about being different? Meet Zander, a boy teased for his 'stick-out' ears. He unexpectedly befriends the cutest cicada and the loveliest ladybug and through this special friendship, Zander discovers he is not a mistake, but a miracle.

Two Saves In A Day
Zander with his super ears, discovers the destructive power of some insects. He visits his community garden and realises Uncle Hamid's chilli plant has been attacked by aphids. As he walks past a wooden shed on his way home, he discovers a termite infestation. Through these stories, Zander helps little readers learn about the eco system and the food chain.

Operation Dunk
You're never too young to do something good! Zander discovers his neighbour's house is a breeding ground for the dangerous Aedes mosquito. Together with his trusty insect pals, Cicada and Ladybug, and armed with the knowledge of life cycles, Zander saves the whole neighbourhood from an impending Aedes attack!

Support local 🇸🇬 books, by gifting local 🇸🇬 books! These books are excellent for ages 3-7 years old! 

  Equip your child with preschool science knowledge! Look into the life cycle of a mosquito and learn about the ecosystem and how it contains pests and beneficial insects!