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January 2020 - its a brand new year!

2020 marks the starts of a new decade. It brings a new beginning and it is also a leap year in itself!

We are excited about the new year ahead and we will introduce new concepts and ideas for our ever growing and ever involving book club.

We are even more excited by a curated mix of books that we have brought in to usher the start of this new fabulous year! Check them out and enjoy!

In addition, thanks to all the support that we have garnered in the last few years we have managed to bring our shipping fees down! That's right free shipping is available for orders above $55. For orders less than $55, shipping cost is now only $5.50 (from $6).

From the Team @ Owl Readers Club.


幼儿园里我最棒 - owlreadersclub
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Uncles At Work - owlreadersclub
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2 in stock