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October 19 - Children's Day Collection

This month we celebrate Children's day and we have also reached another milestone @ Owl Readers Club as we completed our revamped Rewards system and added the final icing on the cake!

We have replaced all the usual reward tiers with ONE single dynamic flexible discount redemption system. As long as you have 500 points, you can now redeem discount vouchers from $5 up to a maximum cap of $25 (that is right, each 100 points get you $1 off!). So no longer a need to wait for your points to accumulate to redeem them. Free shipping continues to apply for nett orders (after applicable discounts) of $60!

To celebrate this milestone, for the month of October only, we are allowing for points redemption between $3 to $30! With as low as 300 points, you can now enjoy further discounts off some of the most competitively priced curated books that we bring you, newly launched curated titles in October included!

Happy reading!