My Birthday Cake

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An exclusive title from our first partner of 2020 - GRAM'S Learning Centre

Odelia is in a dilemma when, for the first time, she is given the freedom to decide on her birthday cake. It is a big thing for a preschooler. Excitement soon turns into anxiety when Odelia realises making decisions are not as easy as it seems to be. How did Odelia come up with a perfect cake for herself in the end? This story explores the mind of a child in decision making, while working within limitations.  

Exclusively from the people behind Odelia:

We did not start out with the intention of creating books. We started out creating class materials for GRAM’S as part of our language curriculum, often striving to incorporate character-building values within the content. To make it more lively and engaging, especially for young learners, we injected the character Odelia (and her illustration) when designing some of our class materials to make it more fun and relatable to the young readers.

Like many preschoolers, she often finds herself in ‘Oops’ situations, having to manage her emotions and thoughts, and trying to make ‘sound’ decisions while growing up.


Special limited time promotion until 30 June 2020!

Members who bring 2 different books from GRAM'S Learning Centre with our Owl Readers Club sticker at the back (either Sherlock or My Birthday Cake in English and Chinese OR English/Chinese titles of either Sherlock or My Birthday Cake) to GRAM'S Learning Centre will be entitled to a one-time free for either of the following programs:

1. GooeyGRAM (Ages 3 to 5)

2. PictoGRAM - Art (ages 5 & Up)

Please call: (+65) 6467 1258 or email ( to arrange for a trial session and to enable GRAM'S Learning Centre to prepare the relevant materials. 

For ease of reference, schedules are available here: &


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