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Chinese Audio Bundle Phone Special Gift Wrappedl - One time only!

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For the first time ever, we are offering three of our most popular Chinese audio titles, at a bundle discount with free gift wrap! 

These songs, played via the portable handphone lookalike device, can help develop a child's psycho-motor skills, speech and focus. The device is small, lightweight, and durable, featuring an adjustable sound volume which parents will like!

 孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会念童谣 – Owl Readers Club

 孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会读三字经 – Owl Readers Club

 孩子的语言启蒙发声书 - 我会读弟子规 – Owl Readers Club

For pictures, videos and reviews of these books, click the links above.